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Address: Via P. Bucci 17/C, c/o Universitą della Calabria, 87036 Rende (CS)
Phone: 0984 492050 – 492007 – 492025 - 402706
Fax.: 0984 402103
E-Mail: l.giorno@itm.cnr.it Lidietta.Giorno@cnr.it
CDS code : 097
Territorial Division: PADUA Organizational Unit Support

The Institute on Membrane Technology (CNR-ITM) is a structure created by the Italian National Research Council (CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) after a process of reorganization for the development, at a national and international level, of membrane science and technology. Prof. Enrico Drioli was appointed as First Director since its founding in 1993. The Institute is currently directed by Dr. Lidietta Giorno.
ITM is headquartered in Rende (CS), in the Campus of the University of Calabria with a subsection in Padua.
The Institute’s mission is the multidisciplinary research, development, technology transfer and high education in membrane science and engineering as well as the application of membrane operations in various fields, including water treatment, gas separation, bio artificial organs, biotechnology, agro-food.
ITM is internationally recognized for its skills in membrane preparation (organic, inorganic, mixed matrix, biohybrid membrane), transport phenomena, molecular membrane separation, catalytic membranes, catalytic membrane reactors, membrane contactors (including membrane emulsification and membrane crystallizer), integrated membrane processes, membrane in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

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Istituto di Ricerca per la Tecnologia delle Membrane
Via Pietro Bucci, Cubo 17C, c/o Universitą della Calabria
87030 Rende (CS) ITALIA
Tel: (39) - (0984) 492050
Fax: (39) - (0984) 402103




Call for application n. ITM.ASS.014.2012.CS
1 Grant in the framework of the “Capwa – Capture of evaporated water with novel membranes” Project

Deadline : 10/12/2012

The new call for application to Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in Membrane Engineering EUDIME - 3rd Edition is now available

on the website:



Deadline: December 3, 2012

ITM Seminar Day

@ Aula Magna

University of Calabria

  September 11 and 12, 2012



EU - China Membrane Newsletter

The last issue of the EU - China Membrane Newsletter has just been published

Download number 5


Report on Membrane Activities
in Europe and Israel

An overview of the main activities related to Membrane Science and Engineering in progress in most of the European Countries and in Israel

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Events of Interest

9th European Congress of Chemical Engineering (ECCE-9)
World Forum, The Hague, The Netherlands
April 21 - 24, 2013

9th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (WCCE-9)
Coex, Seoul, South Korea
August 18 - 23, 2013


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